Vegan MoFo 2015 – Restaurant dish

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There aren’t that many vegan restaurants in Belgium. But luckily we do have Ghent, our vegan capital, and recently Leuven started booming with vegan businesses. In Ghent we love to eat at Komkommertijd, it’s a vegan buffet with lots of options. There are about 6 hot dishes you can choose from (often there are fried spring rolls and they taste amazing!), there’s a huge saladbar and there’s always a nice dessert. Another restaurant in Ghent is Avalon, it’s one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in Belgium. They always have a daily menu and they carry some specialties like lasagna and fries with seitan stew. For vegan fast food you have to visit the Frietketel, it’s a regular ‘frituur’ (a snackbar) with lots of vegan options, they have many kinds of vegan sauces, bitterballen (it’s round, fried, has a crispy breaded outside and gooey inside), lots of vegan burgers, other snacks, and of course fries!

But like we said, Leuven is booming. There already was a Loving Hut, where you can eat great food for not too much money. They have some daily or weekly specials, but also some dishes that are keepers, like the Loving Hut burger. Since a year or so there’s a new business where you can buy and eat lots of vegan sandwiches, drink the best drinks and enjoy the best pies. We’re talking about VegaVerso. There are also weekly specials, like a hot soup in winter, a wonderful salad in summer, but also chili’s, grilled sandwiches, tapas, … Once a month they also organize a brunch and we’re known to roll out of the door with filled bellies. Since a few months there’s another Loving Hut in town! It’s called The Veganerie and it’s a really nice-looking place. They serve mostly vegan fast food, but of course very delicious. You have vegan seafood snacks (vegan calamares people!), lots of vegan burgers with potato wedges, but also some healthier dishes like zucchini noodles.

But, I guess you’re all waiting for a recipe right? Well, one of our bloggers, Dorine, made a deliciously fancy figs carpaccio. It’s so much better than a carpaccio in a restaurant, but it equates the elegance of a restaurant dish. Be sure to try it and amaze your guests!

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