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All the bloggers here at Compassionate Cooking remember those birthday parties when we were wee ones and the parents of our kiddy friends stuffed us with pancakes. Or should I say crêpes, ‘cause here in Belgium we eat a lot of pancakes but most of the time they are actually the French dessert crêpes and not the American breakfast pancakes.

The toppings for those delicious pancakes would vary. But more often than not they were topped with sugar. On a fancy birthday party you got to choose between regular (white) sugar, blond sugar, brown sugar and powdered sugar. I, for example, loved to top my pancake with brown sugar and then roll it up and eat it with my hands (I still love to do that, topping it with brown sugar AND eat with my hands).

vegan chocolate ice cream

On a special occasion there was a huge variety of toppings, it was like pancake walhalla. Keep the different kinds of sugar in mind and add various types of jam, chocolate spread and sauce, fresh fruit, caramel… Or the crème-de-la-crème, a favorite from one of our other bloggers, vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Yes, you read that correctly, a pancake topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. It’s so deliciously decadent that you really have to give it a shot.

When you’re a newbie vegan, you might be afraid that you can’t enjoy those delicious pancakes anymore and definitely not those topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce. But thank Seitan that we can still devour those appetizing pancakes, ice cream and chocolate! We have an amazing recipe for pancakes that you have to try. You can top them with whatever you like… but we also have a recipe for vegan ice cream, the recipe is for a chocolate version, but you can just leave out the dark chocolate and replace it with half a vanilla pod to make vanilla ice cream. And to prepare a heavenly chocolate sauce all you have to do is melt some vegan dark chocolate in a few teaspoons of plantbased milk. Bake your pancake, serve it on a pretty plate, add a scoop of ice cream and drizzle the hot chocolate sauce all over it.

Enjoy and remember those good old birthday parties as a little kid.

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