Vegan MoFo 2015 – The Kind Diet

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My very first vegan cookbook was “The Kind Diet” of Alicia Silverstone.
I always liked her as an actress, especially in Clueless. So when I got curious about veganism and after seeing a YouTube video where she talks about going vegan, her book immediately attracted me!

It’s written in 2 parts. The first half of the book is filled with information on why and how to go vegan and the second half is full of delicious recipes.
So as a newbie you can get started right away with this one!
And a note on the side; the book is printed on 100% recycled paper! Yay!

Vegan MoFo 2015 – Proteins

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The nutrient every vegan gets asked about and 99% of the people are suddenly so worried about when they hear you’re eating plantbased…. Proteins!

For the chefs who like veganising meat-dishes, seitan is the perfect source for protein. It has just the right texture for most traditional recipes!

For those who didn’t know it already, “sei tan” is Japanese for “made of protein”. As simple as that!

Our favorite recipe is the one for seitan maison stew. It’s based on our typical Belgian brown stew, which we call “stoverij”. It’s a dish you’ll find on a restaurant menu but also at a “frituur”. A place where everything is fried and where Belgians like to get their potato fries. The most popular sauce that goes with the fries is definitely “stoverij”!

Vegan MoFo 2015 – Inspired by Friends

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For the Friends fans out there…. And I know you are numerous!
What do you think of when I say cheesecake!?

Yes, Rachel and Chandler loving it that much that they are willing to eat it off the floor.
Just admit it, you’d do the exact same thing if your favorite dessert had an unfortunate encounter with the floor.

So on day 7 of Vegan MoFo I’m combining my love for Friends and vegan cheesecake with a recipe of Marieke!

Vegan MoFo 2015 – Restaurant dish

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There aren’t that many vegan restaurants in Belgium. But luckily we do have Ghent, our vegan capital, and recently Leuven started booming with vegan businesses. In Ghent we love to eat at Komkommertijd, it’s a vegan buffet with lots of options. There are about 6 hot dishes you can choose from (often there are fried spring rolls and they taste amazing!), there’s a huge saladbar and there’s always a nice dessert. Another restaurant in Ghent is Avalon, it’s one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in Belgium. They always have a daily menu and they carry some specialties like lasagna and fries with seitan stew. For vegan fast food you have to visit the Frietketel, it’s a regular ‘frituur’ (a snackbar) with lots of vegan options, they have many kinds of vegan sauces, bitterballen (it’s round, fried, has a crispy breaded outside and gooey inside), lots of vegan burgers, other snacks, and of course fries!

But like we said, Leuven is booming. There already was a Loving Hut, where you can eat great food for not too much money. They have some daily or weekly specials, but also some dishes that are keepers, like the Loving Hut burger. Since a year or so there’s a new business where you can buy and eat lots of vegan sandwiches, drink the best drinks and enjoy the best pies. We’re talking about VegaVerso. There are also weekly specials, like a hot soup in winter, a wonderful salad in summer, but also chili’s, grilled sandwiches, tapas, … Once a month they also organize a brunch and we’re known to roll out of the door with filled bellies. Since a few months there’s another Loving Hut in town! It’s called The Veganerie and it’s a really nice-looking place. They serve mostly vegan fast food, but of course very delicious. You have vegan seafood snacks (vegan calamares people!), lots of vegan burgers with potato wedges, but also some healthier dishes like zucchini noodles.

But, I guess you’re all waiting for a recipe right? Well, one of our bloggers, Dorine, made a deliciously fancy figs carpaccio. It’s so much better than a carpaccio in a restaurant, but it equates the elegance of a restaurant dish. Be sure to try it and amaze your guests!

Vegan MoFo 2015 – Best sandwich ever

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Combining my love for vegan food and jiu jitsu might seem a bit far-fetched right ?  If it weren’t for Rener Gracie, that might be true. Rener is a world-renown jiu jitsu instructor from a family that put Brazilian jiu jitsu on the map.

The family also has its own Gracie Diet, which isn’t vegan but there’s a big focus on healthy eating. As Rener is known for his insane energy levels, he often received the question where all this energy came from.

As a response he put together a youtube video in which he shows how to make the Renergy sandwich, a sandwich which combines almond butter, avocado, spinach, and kale munchies. Check out the video below to learn about my favorite sandwich. Careful though, there’s 2 more Renergy sandwiches on youtube that aren’t vegan.

And since there’s no point in keeping avocado’s unused in the fridge, we decided to make a lovely avocado-tomato salad that we found in ‘500 vega gerechten‘ published by Veltman Uitgevers (in dutch)

If you’re looking for the 2nd most awesome sandwich in the world, maybe you can try one with our vegan chicken salad. Or if you’re, like me, still addicted to cheese, try our Boursin and vegan cheese spread.

I know my energy levels are through the roof right now, what about yours ?


Vegan MoFo 2015 – Quick & Easy

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Quick, easy and delicious. I love those dishes every day. When I’ve been busy at work, I love to come home and relax. It’s not an option to make a three course dinner. But making a quick, satisfying meal and share my thoughts about the day with my loved ones, that’s the perfect option.

What I like to do on a more relaxed (weekend) day is to prepare a soup or a stew in a large quantity and freeze them in meal-sized portions. It serves as a crazy fast dinner on a busy day! All you have to do is grill some bread or pour some hot water over a bit of couscous and heat the pumpkin soup or stew on the stove or in the microwave.


But nothing beats the satisfaction of a pasta on a busy weeknight. Am I right?

My favorite pasta dish of all times is a spaghetti bolognese. The herbs, spices, tomatoes, … combined with a simple whole wheat spaghetti, what’s not to love about it. And the smell, the whole house smells like basil, oregano and tomatoes, yum!

Spaghetti Bolognaise

I have never met anyone who doesn’t like mac and cheese. Now, when going vegan it seems impossible to find a decent mac and cheese, the one where you can reminiscence about the good old mac’n’cheese days. And it is a trial and error process, I think I must’ve tried a dozen vegan macs before I found one that I really liked. But our blogger Tatjana makes a delicious mac and cheese and good news for you, ‘cause she shared her recipe! Make sure to give it a try, ‘cause it comes together in a blink of an eye.


What’s your go-to recipe on a busy weeknight?

Vegan MoFo 2015 – Childhood meal

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All the bloggers here at Compassionate Cooking remember those birthday parties when we were wee ones and the parents of our kiddy friends stuffed us with pancakes. Or should I say crêpes, ‘cause here in Belgium we eat a lot of pancakes but most of the time they are actually the French dessert crêpes and not the American breakfast pancakes.

The toppings for those delicious pancakes would vary. But more often than not they were topped with sugar. On a fancy birthday party you got to choose between regular (white) sugar, blond sugar, brown sugar and powdered sugar. I, for example, loved to top my pancake with brown sugar and then roll it up and eat it with my hands (I still love to do that, topping it with brown sugar AND eat with my hands).

vegan chocolate ice cream

On a special occasion there was a huge variety of toppings, it was like pancake walhalla. Keep the different kinds of sugar in mind and add various types of jam, chocolate spread and sauce, fresh fruit, caramel… Or the crème-de-la-crème, a favorite from one of our other bloggers, vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Yes, you read that correctly, a pancake topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. It’s so deliciously decadent that you really have to give it a shot.

When you’re a newbie vegan, you might be afraid that you can’t enjoy those delicious pancakes anymore and definitely not those topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce. But thank Seitan that we can still devour those appetizing pancakes, ice cream and chocolate! We have an amazing recipe for pancakes that you have to try. You can top them with whatever you like… but we also have a recipe for vegan ice cream, the recipe is for a chocolate version, but you can just leave out the dark chocolate and replace it with half a vanilla pod to make vanilla ice cream. And to prepare a heavenly chocolate sauce all you have to do is melt some vegan dark chocolate in a few teaspoons of plantbased milk. Bake your pancake, serve it on a pretty plate, add a scoop of ice cream and drizzle the hot chocolate sauce all over it.

Enjoy and remember those good old birthday parties as a little kid.

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