Vegan MoFo 2015 – Best sandwich ever

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Combining my love for vegan food and jiu jitsu might seem a bit far-fetched right ?  If it weren’t for Rener Gracie, that might be true. Rener is a world-renown jiu jitsu instructor from a family that put Brazilian jiu jitsu on the map.

The family also has its own Gracie Diet, which isn’t vegan but there’s a big focus on healthy eating. As Rener is known for his insane energy levels, he often received the question where all this energy came from.

As a response he put together a youtube video in which he shows how to make the Renergy sandwich, a sandwich which combines almond butter, avocado, spinach, and kale munchies. Check out the video below to learn about my favorite sandwich. Careful though, there’s 2 more Renergy sandwiches on youtube that aren’t vegan.

And since there’s no point in keeping avocado’s unused in the fridge, we decided to make a lovely avocado-tomato salad that we found in ‘500 vega gerechten‘ published by Veltman Uitgevers (in dutch)

If you’re looking for the 2nd most awesome sandwich in the world, maybe you can try one with our vegan chicken salad. Or if you’re, like me, still addicted to cheese, try our Boursin and vegan cheese spread.

I know my energy levels are through the roof right now, what about yours ?


Vegan MoFo – Tomato-Banana Soup

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So today we have to tell you about a weird food combo that we love …

We have no idea who came up with the idea of mixing bananas and tomatoes, but to whoever did: thank you for this killer combo!

Ok it sounds really weird right? But since that’s today’s topic… And we promise you, if you try it, you won’t regret it! It’s genius in it’s simplicity. Basically you make a traditional tomato soup (start’s of great doesn’t it ), for every 400 grams of tomatoes, you add 1 banana.

You know how tomato soup can sometimes have a sour aftertaste? Well not anymore! The banana with the tomatoes really make a delicious mix. It brings out the best of the tomatoes, while camouflaging the sour aftertaste.

It’s also a great way to clean out your fridge. And seriously, don’t diss it until you try it!


Vegan MoFo 2015 – Quick & Easy

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Quick, easy and delicious. I love those dishes every day. When I’ve been busy at work, I love to come home and relax. It’s not an option to make a three course dinner. But making a quick, satisfying meal and share my thoughts about the day with my loved ones, that’s the perfect option.

What I like to do on a more relaxed (weekend) day is to prepare a soup or a stew in a large quantity and freeze them in meal-sized portions. It serves as a crazy fast dinner on a busy day! All you have to do is grill some bread or pour some hot water over a bit of couscous and heat the pumpkin soup or stew on the stove or in the microwave.


But nothing beats the satisfaction of a pasta on a busy weeknight. Am I right?

My favorite pasta dish of all times is a spaghetti bolognese. The herbs, spices, tomatoes, … combined with a simple whole wheat spaghetti, what’s not to love about it. And the smell, the whole house smells like basil, oregano and tomatoes, yum!

Spaghetti Bolognaise

I have never met anyone who doesn’t like mac and cheese. Now, when going vegan it seems impossible to find a decent mac and cheese, the one where you can reminiscence about the good old mac’n’cheese days. And it is a trial and error process, I think I must’ve tried a dozen vegan macs before I found one that I really liked. But our blogger Tatjana makes a delicious mac and cheese and good news for you, ‘cause she shared her recipe! Make sure to give it a try, ‘cause it comes together in a blink of an eye.


What’s your go-to recipe on a busy weeknight?

Vegan MoFo 2015 – Childhood meal

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All the bloggers here at Compassionate Cooking remember those birthday parties when we were wee ones and the parents of our kiddy friends stuffed us with pancakes. Or should I say crêpes, ‘cause here in Belgium we eat a lot of pancakes but most of the time they are actually the French dessert crêpes and not the American breakfast pancakes.

The toppings for those delicious pancakes would vary. But more often than not they were topped with sugar. On a fancy birthday party you got to choose between regular (white) sugar, blond sugar, brown sugar and powdered sugar. I, for example, loved to top my pancake with brown sugar and then roll it up and eat it with my hands (I still love to do that, topping it with brown sugar AND eat with my hands).

vegan chocolate ice cream

On a special occasion there was a huge variety of toppings, it was like pancake walhalla. Keep the different kinds of sugar in mind and add various types of jam, chocolate spread and sauce, fresh fruit, caramel… Or the crème-de-la-crème, a favorite from one of our other bloggers, vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Yes, you read that correctly, a pancake topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. It’s so deliciously decadent that you really have to give it a shot.

When you’re a newbie vegan, you might be afraid that you can’t enjoy those delicious pancakes anymore and definitely not those topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce. But thank Seitan that we can still devour those appetizing pancakes, ice cream and chocolate! We have an amazing recipe for pancakes that you have to try. You can top them with whatever you like… but we also have a recipe for vegan ice cream, the recipe is for a chocolate version, but you can just leave out the dark chocolate and replace it with half a vanilla pod to make vanilla ice cream. And to prepare a heavenly chocolate sauce all you have to do is melt some vegan dark chocolate in a few teaspoons of plantbased milk. Bake your pancake, serve it on a pretty plate, add a scoop of ice cream and drizzle the hot chocolate sauce all over it.

Enjoy and remember those good old birthday parties as a little kid.

Vegan MoFo 2015 – Breakfast time

Yay! It’s Vegan MoFo-time! Of course we can’t leave this special month behind as a new blog, so we thought we’d take a jump start and join this Vegan Month of Food.

Having breakfast as a vegan may seem complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll notice that there are so many delicious options to start your day.

There are several things that are perfect for breakfast, like granola, oats, smoothies, juices, pancakes, scrambled tofu, or a full on English breakfast. If you buy your granola at the supermarket, just check the ingredients and you’ll notice that there are some vegan options. You can add some soy milk, hazelnut milk, almond milk, or actually any plant-based milk. Of course there’s also soy yoghurt, which compliments the crunchy granola at its best.

Or oats… What can’t you do with   oats?! You can make granola yourself based on oats, or you can simply cook them in some plant milk and add some syrup, raisins, banana and coconut. The easiest option is to make overnight oats, you simply put everything you want in your oatmeal in a bowl and place it in the fridge. In the morning it’s wonderfully creamy and ready to eat!

Couscous fruit porridge

Couscous fruit porridge

Instead of oats you can also use quinoa to make a porridge or even couscous. Have you checked out our couscous fruit porridge?

Another delicious thing to do with oats is to bake them in the oven. You can simply use the same ingredients as you would for cooking oatmeal, but put them in the oven. The top will get a bit crusty and the inside will be delicious and smooth. There are also a lot of fruity options, like our oven baked apple oatmeal.

Havermout met appel

Oven baked apple oatmeal

Here in Belgium most people eat bread for breakfast. We aren’t all fans of that, but you can sure eat some toast with jam once in a while (or with homemade vegan nutella.. so good it feels like a sin!). And if you have some left-over bread it’s perfect to make our bread pudding with fruit or make some vegan French toast!

Bread pudding with fruit

Bread pudding with fruit

We’re already hungry for the next morning, but let’s continue.

Some of our bloggers really looooove smoothies. Like this peanut butter banana smoothie, it’s so addictive that we try to save them for the weekends. Or a healthier option is this blueberry smoothie, it’s equally delicious and a great start to your day.

Blueberry smoothie

Blueberry smoothie

We hope you are inspired by our delicious breakfasts. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Belgium’s first Vegan Summer Fest

When we heard rumors of a Vegan Summer Fest in Belgium, we started getting really excited. The internet and similar events in other countries had shown us what to expect, but to have one in Belgium. Must have been a dream come true.

And it was a day that will be branded in our memories for a long time. An incredible success! More than 3000 people visited this free event that offered so many different topics with one common denominator: veganism.

Many different food trucks provided us with an elaborate array of vegan options. Just like you momThe Vexican, Italian ice cream, Raw Fun BelgiumViva VegaLoving Hut Express, The Cherry Food Truck, vegan waffles, … It was a journey of culinary exploration with the day too short and our tummies to small to sample everything. Due to the massive attendance, you did have to wait a while for your food, but it was all so delicious that it was totally worth the wait.

Also in the main hall FLOCKfoodsConfiserie JonasThe Loving Hut Veganerie, and the Veggie Snack Shack were spoiling our foodie needs.
But Vegan Summer Fest was not only about food. We strolled past so many different stalls… Let’s highlight a few of them: SHAVT, a vegan shop that didn’t only serve vegan cheese croquettes but also sold dental care, sun lotion, (and more food). It was a home game for Ghent’s  V|Edge, a vegan conceptstore and online shop that showcased the latest hip and vegan goodies and of course also had some great food sampling (of Le Seitanist amongst others).

Lush always makes the room smell awesome and smelling awesome is something you preferably do in a new set of clothes. Which so happened to be available for sale too through Roots of CompassionShoezuu, and more. As if all that wasn’t enough, the Goveg vegan shop and Veganistisch Koken webshop were also promoting their wares.

Cooking demonstrations were provided by Elien of DeathStarOnAMission, Lyra of Cardamom, Sara of De Groene Keuken, Stéphanie van Living en EVA. En dan vergeten we er waarschijnlijk nog een paar

Lifestyle and food were aptly covered but veganism is more. The ethical point of view was represented by a number of organizations like Bite Back (with a huge selection of books on lifestyle, food, and philosophy), Animal RightsThe Black FishSilke Desaever (vegan dietician), Sea Shepherd,  and Sense.

As you can read, Vegan Summer Fest had a bit of everything. You could even get tattooed at Toryumon. We’re anxiously awaiting a Vegan Autumn Fest, Vegan Winter Fest, and Vegan Spring Fest of course, but when the posters of Vegan Summer Fest 2016 start appearing, you’ll see us dancing of joy.

Congratulations are in order for BE Vegan who organized this event with an incredibly small team of volunteers. See you at next year’s fest !!

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